Région Sud Design Prize Showroom 2024

In the continuity of the Région Sud Art Prize Art-o-rama implemented in 2022 the Région Sud Design Prize which highlights young designers of the region and participates in their professionalization. The Région Sud Design Prize is aimed at designers who have graduated within the last 5 years and who have completed part of their studies in the Southern Region, Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur. Designers will be selected by a curator to be shown in a dedicated space during Art-o-rama.


The laureate will be selected by a jury of professionals during Art-o-rama and will benefit from a 2000€ production grant, an exhibition space during the next edition of the fair and a collaboration with with a renowned European design institution.


Ghassan Salameh – 2024 curator

Ghassan Salameh, trilingual design curator, creative consultant and cultural facilitator, holds an MA in European Design Labs from IED-Madrid. Currently based in Marseille, he is the founder of “Madar.design”, a metamorphic and adaptable cultural agency dedicated to offering equal dissemination opportunities to creatives and artists by proposing unconventional performance formats. His self-taught practice focuses on cultural programming and curation in design, architecture, urban planning, public space interventions and transdisciplinary design research.


Designers & studios sélected for Art-o-rama 2024


Léo Achard 

Born in the heart of the Alpilles, Léo Achard grew up and developed is artistic practice between Arles, Marseille, Toulon and Paris. Freshly graduated from the Camondo school with honors, his eye was also formed by passing through the doors of Central St-Martins, Penninghen and Elisava.

He cultivates a transdisciplinary practice combining interior architecture, design and graphics. Through objects and spaces, he takes hold of what exists, transforming it and playing with it to surprise and create the unexpected. His work is nourished by constant observation of reality and a desire to create atmospheres and moments that are unique and out of the ordinary.


Théo Anthouard 

Théo Anthouard was born in Gap on May 1, 1999. After obtaining a scientific baccalaureate, he decided to continue his studies at the École des Beaux-Arts de Marseille, majoring in design. During these studies, he had the opportunity to deepen his knowledge of interior architecture during an Erasmus stay at ARBA in Brussels, before returning to Marseille to earn his Master’s degree with honors. Throughout his academic career, he had the opportunity to present his work at exhibitions. In 2018, he took part in the Festival des Arts Éphémères in Marseille, and in 2023, he was part of a group show at the Friche Belle de Mai. He joined the Designers Sud directory on graduation and is currently a finalist in the Quercus Suber competition.


Mélissa Mariller 

Born in 1990, Mélissa Mariller works in Marseille. A graduate of the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts de Lyon, her work has been exhibited at Double Séjour (Paris), KOMMET (Lyon), Bourse du travail (Valence) and Paris Design Week. Selected by art3 (Valence) and the Institut Français, Mélissa Mariller has been offered a residency in Stuttgart (Germany) in 2022.

She moves furniture, domestic objects, utensils and tools, projecting them into environments for which they were not designed. She extracts them from the home, from the warmth of the hearth, from their milieu, often marked by a social, vernacular or artisanal dimension, then introduces them into the sphere of contemporary art, paying particular attention to the aesthetic and functional markers that determine them.


Maaïe Ag  x  Qerehett

Maaïe Abou Ghali, operating under the name Qerehett, is a multi-faceted designer and artist, combining the skills of interior architect, designer and ceramist. Originally from Alexandria, her rich and varied career has led her to explore different dimensions of artistic creation. After obtaining her degree in Social Sciences in

Paris, she moved to Berlin, where she graduated in interior architecture and design.



Juliette Rougier 

Born in Paris in 2000, Juliette Rougier trained in Global Design (interior architecture, product design, graphic design) at the Ecole Bleue in Paris, before entering the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design Marseille-Méditerranée (ESADMM) for a Master’s degree. The meeting of these two schools and the complementary nature of their teaching has given her a cross-disciplinary, multidisciplinary approach to design, anchoring her practice at the border between design, art and craft.
Her encounter with a material as the starting point for creation, she strives to preserve the essence of what it has to offer, even in its flaws.



Oliver Salway 

Designer born in England and raised between Ireland and France, where he has lived for 17 years. Olivier Salway lives and works in Marseille, where he also obtained his DNSEP in May 2023 from the Beaux Arts in the Design option.

During his time at the school, he founded and directed ‘La Source’, the first Récupérathèque in south-east France, which is now part of the Fédération des Récupérathèques in France and Belgium.

He bases his work on the recovery and the reuse of materials that have been abandoned once their original function has been fulfilled and outlived.


Zoé Saudrais 

Zoé Saudrais began her art studies in Spain, where she attended the Beaux-arts for two years. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Plastic Arts in Paris, before heading south. It was in Marseille that she completed her training with a DNA and a DNSEP in design.
These two fields, Art and Design, blend together in her practice, and that’s what she’s looking for. Her projects are diverse: inhabited works, patterned objects, narrative design, sweets for everyday use, graphic games…

In recent years, her projects have merged with her claims. Beneath their naïve, joyful appearance, her works often conceal a message and demands that are far more serious than they appear.



Valentin Vert 

Valentin Vert was born in Montpellier in 1996. After completing a DUT in Materials Science and En- gineering in Chambéry, he earned his DNSEP from the Fine Arts School of Marseille in 2023. In 2021, he co-founded the collective mastic with whom he exhibited in 2022 during Murmurations #2. In 2023, he was awarded the François Bret prize wich allows him to exhibit during Art-o-rama. His work was also presented in some institutions; 100% L’expo, La Villette, Drift, La Friche Belle de Mai, La Relève 6, Château de Servières.




Ghassan Salameh, 2024 Design Showroom curator

Léo Achard

Collection archétype (2023)

Anthouard Théo

Lampe Saly (2023)
Portable lamp, PLA, PMMA, electronic components, led 3W, aluminium, rope, L11 x l17 x h26 cm

Mélissa Mariller

Big Foret Lamp & Small Foret Lamp, (2023)
Cast aluminum

Maaïe Aq x Qerehett

Gueules Pour Gueules (2022-2024)
Ceramic, mixed media, 25.1 x 17 x 14.3 cm
Photo © Helen Burghardt

Juliette Rougier

Cabinet Alto
Marqueterie d'anches en canne de Provence

Oliver Salway

Radeau de survie (2022)
Assembly of pallets, cotton, barrels, straps, 178 x 254 x 187 cm
Photo © Pauline Petitpas

Zoé Saudrais

"Idée de merde" banner at a demonstration against the immigration law (2024)

Valentin Vert

Naphtex Kerogen (or Prometheus's remorse) (2024)
Bitumen, stainless steel, glass, kerosene, Argand spout, 150x80x80 cm
View of the exhibition La Relève 6, Château de Servières, Marseille
Studio Meimaris