ART-O-RAMA, created in 2007, is the first international art fair in the South of France and has been developing a new format that makes its uniqueness; each booth is considered as an exhibition space which architectural specificities lie on the gallery’s curatorial proposition for our fair. We allow gallery owners to present themselves under a unique and original light; signing their artistic line in a space they have designed according to the project they have built with their artists.

The opening weekend, in the presence of the gallery owners, is extended by an exhibition period that allows a wider audience of art lovers to be welcomed.

ART-O-RAMA is produced by Fræme, a non-profit resident at La Friche la Belle de Mai.

The artistic committee for galleries and Immaterial salon is composed of:

Benoit Doche de Laquintane, collector, Bordeaux

Marie Madec, gallery owner, Sans titre (2016), Paris

Sébastien Peyret, collector, Marseille

Isabella Ritter, gallery owner, LambdaLambdaLambda, Prishtina

Sophie Tappeiner, gallery owner, Sophie Tappeiner gallery, Vienna


The artistic committee for the Edition art & design is composed of:

Jean-Pierre Blanc, director of Villa Noailles, Hyères
Gilles Drouault, director of Gilles Drouault galerie/multiples, Paris
Marion Mailaender, interior designer, Marseille / Paris
Olivier Ludwig-Legardez, director of Tchikebe, Marseille
Benoît Maire, artist and co-founder of Ker-Xavier, Bordeaux


President of Fræme: Benoît Doche de Laquintane

Fræme CEO: Véronique Collard Bovy

Art-o-rama Director: Jérôme Pantalacci

Administrative and Financial Manager: Audrey Pelliccia

Technical Manager: Benjamin Marianne

Public and VIP Relations : Sasha Vales

Head of Communication & Publication: Thibault Vanco

Communication : Thomas Murat

Head of Publics: Magali Delrieu

Arts Outreach: Cyril Bergougnoux

Production: Léa Lascaud


Graphic design: Huz&Bosshard