Venet Fondation


Stefan Brüggemann

Curated by Jérôme Sans

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Venet Foundation, Stefan Brüggemann presents his second solo exhibition in France, Inside Out. For this site-specific intervention, the artist boldly uses the space of the exhibition gallery (Le Muy, Var) as a sculpture, spray-painting words on windows, glass walls and ceilings, while creating enigmatic new entrances and exits via minimalist door sculptures in stainless steel. Known for his work that confronts paradoxical worlds such as graffiti, minimalist and conceptual aesthetics, unrolling a unique vocabulary of “punk minimalism”, Stefan Brüggemann is interested in language and “words that become images”, questioning the idea of information transfer or image. His “sign-pictures” reactivate the memory of an event, creating imaginary spaces and experiences for the public. Most often taken from newspapers or film titles, the texts in his works are also sometimes crossed out or superimposed, crossing the materiality of text with the plasticity of artistic language itself.