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Galerie du jour agnès b. presents Gentlemen’s Club : tournée des strips-clubs américains , by Francois Prost starting August 7 to September 18 2021.


Designer and art director François Prost made a name for himself with After Party, a series compiling hundreds of images of nightclub facades built all over France. In these colourful shots, photographed in broad daylight, the buildings become almost comical, surreal. As if, without the veil of night, their existence ceases to have meaning. ”When I looked at these photographs, many people thought that they had been made in the United States – because of their names, their signs, their architecture, their references to a certain culture of leisure and car parks,” confides the artist.  For this reason, he flew across the Atlantic for six weeks. There, from Miami to Los Angeles, he attacked another temple of “debauchery”: the strip clubs



Promesses d’un bon temps 

The relationship that Americans seem to have with these clubs is quite different from what we observe in Europe,” explains the author. It’s a fairly commonplace outing, where people go as a couple or with friends on a weekend evening to have fun. It’s not unusual to enjoy a first-class steak while watching a dance. The absurdity of this setting fascinates François Prost. Like After Party, this new part, entitled Gentlemen’s Club, takes shape in the middle of the day. Captured in a sunny, summery light, the buildings stand out. On their walls, inscriptions evoke fleeting promises – those of a good time, of a fantasy, of excessive sexuality.

François Prost carried out his project while travelling through the south of the country. ”I crossed Florida, with its palm trees and pastel colours, the humid heat of the Bayou, the drilling pumps and cowboy hats of Texas, the desert and the cacti of Arizona and Nevada, to end up in Los Angeles,” he says. A festive journey contrasting with the puritanism of these territories. By focusing on the façades, the author invites the viewer to question himself. What do these establishments say about our relationship to gender? And to sexuality? Between provocation and austerity, how do these clubs advertise their services? And what clientele do they cater for? By photographing only their exterior, François Prost invites us to use our imagination. Faced with enticing – or simply funny – names such as “La Chatte”, “Lollipops”, or “Totally Nude”, we have to imagine a world apart, where sex appeal becomes commonplace, and where the ridiculous ceases to exist.



Gentlemen’s Club, Fisheye Editions, 35€, 250 pages, will be available very soon.


agnès b.

31-33 Cr Honoré D’Estienne d’Orves

13001 Marseille

From monday to saturday from 10 am to 7 pm

T :  04 96 11 04 50



Si nous n’avions pas vu les étoiles by Jean-Baptiste Janisset


What would have been the development of human thought if we had not been able to see the stars? This phrase by the astrophysicist Michel Mayor is the inspiration for the exhibition. The sight of the stars projects us into other possible universes, beyond our very perception. Conceived as a fictitious space odyssey, the exhibition can be seen as a vessel inhabited by works of art, each of which has a function (both very concrete – such as that of the shuttle’s designer – and also more dreamlike or sacred: the works of art can be the captain’s conscience, his faith, etc).


The group exhibition Si nous n’avions pas vu les étoiles comes from the humble and infinite ambition to electrify the imagination once again. Its title comes from a phrase uttered by the astrophysicist Michel Mayor who, in 1995, discovered the first exoplanet – a planet located outside the solar system – from the Haute-Provence Observatory. A hundred kilometers away, on the ninth floor of Buropolis in Marseille, twenty or so artists are working together to reiterate the questioning of the Nobel Prize winner, who wondered what the development of thought would have been if the light of the stars had not come to catch the eye of the living.

The exhibition space offers a panoramic view of Marseille, a fictitious invitation to take off. For, while space tourism is now possible for a minority of the earth’s inhabitants, it is much more a question here of a mythical and hallucinatory space.



Located on the ninth floor of Buropolis, the exhibition brings together twenty-six artists from the French and international art scene, nineteen of whom have been invited by Jean-Baptiste Janisset on a dreamlike and sacred journey into space, while seven other artists have been brought together by Jean-Christophe Arcos, who curates the video capsule.


Opening: Saturday August 28 from 4 pm

Exhibition open from Saturday August 28 to Saturday October 9 2021

The exhibition is supported by the Katapult Endowment Fund


Yes We Camp I Buropolis

343 Bd Romain Rolland, 13009 Marseille

fb ins

Le Berceau

Diananess by Christiane Blattmann and Jannis Marwitz


Opening: Saturday 28 August, 5-9pm

August 29 to September 12 2021

Sa-Sun 2 pm – 6 pm, all other days by appointment


Le Berceau

15 rue du Berceau, 13005 Marseille

Instagram: @le_berceau_marseill

Galerie Night – PAC


Vernissages, culinary events, DJ sets and performances… On Saturday August 28, at the invitation of Art-o-rama, Marseille’s galleries open their doors at night!

In Marseille, the contemporary art season begins the last weekend of August with the Art-o-rama fairs Paréidolie and Polyptyque. The openings blossom at all hours and last forever in the joy of reunion, the galleries mobilize to open at night on Saturday evening …


With Art-Cade, Atelier Ni, Fotokino, La Compagnie, SISSI club, Voiture 14 & Contemporaines, Galerie Polysémie, Urban Gallery, Vidéochroniques, Le Berceau, Arti Galerie, Dos Mares – Atelier Vian, Galerie de la Scep, Le Cabinet d’Ulysse, Salon du Salon, American Gallery, La Traverse, Buropolis, Pavillon Southway, Ateliers Jeanne Barret


More information (in french) on PAC’s website and the facebook event




Tira Lenso, an exhibition by Delphine Dénéréaz and Robin Plus presented by Marsatac.

Curators: Anna Labouze & Keimis Henn


The exhibition “Tira Lenso” (“to breathe” in Provençal) is a visual and sound poem, a queer, feminist and enchanting ode to Marseille and its children, whether they are from here or elsewhere. For this four-handed project, textile artist Delphine Dénéréaz and photographer Robin Plus have assembled a multitude of images, symbols, sounds and characters gleaned from the interstices of the alternative and popular cultures of Marseille and its various communities. This flow creates a collective and sensitive narrative, reminiscent of the exquisite cadavers produced by the Surrealists when they visited the city in the early 1940s. The works presented – video and sound installations, tapestries and photographs – coexist within an ambivalent landscape of urban objects. These objects evoke both the architectural detritus of a wasteland or a building site and the transgressive and liberating breath of a rave party that would take possession of them. The ensemble tends to reveal the emotional and intimate link that unites a city in the midst of upheaval with a fringe of its youth, determined to live there intensely, if only by the force of dreams. The “Tira Lenso” exhibition is presented as part of the 2021 edition of the Marsatac festival, for which Delphine Dénéréaz and Robin Plus have collaborated on the artistic and visual direction.


Exhbition at Les Docks Village – 10 place de la Joliette, 13002 Marseille

Festival Marsatac

Av. du Parc Borély, 13008 Marseille



Proxima B

Proxima B is an exhibition on the themes of collapse and collapsology, the metamorphoses and alterations of our time, an ‘end of the world’ as the beginning of another.
world’ as the beginning of another. A series that combines images of different status: archives, reports, images, stagings. An installation that wishes to raise questions about the use of images and their impact, creating a strange and timeless atmosphere, sometimes harsh and brutal, inhabited by positive resonances, flashes and possibilities of change. The images from the photographic work of the six members of the collective appear as a vibration, a humming, a rustling of reality. In three parts.
Collapse. The rupture. The metamorphosis.


The exhibition will take place at Coco Velten, 16 Rue Bernard du Bois, 13001 Marseille

Opens Saturday August 28, ends September 18 2021


Vost Collectif 


Lapin-Canard #45


Lapin-Canard is a publishing house of artists’ posters founded on May 1st 2015 in Belleville. Lapin-Canard gives carte blanche to artists whose work it likes to create a poster in a unique A0 format. Each new publication is the occasion of a party including music, libations and dances. This model of production-celebration-distribution has enabled Lapin-Canard, for whom art is inseparable from the presence of works and people, to multiply its collaborations and share its choices with a wide audience. To date, Lapin-Canard has hosted more than 40 parties and published more than 200 posters in collaboration with artists, regardless of their practice or reputation. After Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Poitiers, Geneva, Toulouse and Bordeaux, Lapin-Canard is happy to join Jeanne Barret and Art-o-rama to celebrate the launch of a new series of posters dedicated to the Marseilles scene.


Lapin-Canard #45

Opening Friday 27.08.2021 , 18:00 – 22:00, evening 22:00 – 04:00
Exhibition until 26 September 2021 

@Jeanne Barret 
5 Bd Sévigné 
13015 Marseille 




Double Triple by Thomas Fougeirol, Hubert Marot


By an idea of Thomas Mailaender

From August 25 to September 15 2021

Free admission within the limits of the current capacity from Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 August from 10 am to 6.30 pm and by registration after this date.



265 avenue de Mazargues, 13008 Marseille.



Opening on Thursday the 26th of August, from 7pm to midnight
Exhibition from the 26th of August to the 1st of October 2021
Maison R&C, 224 Rue Paradis, 13006 Marseille 

With Bernard Bazile, Dan Graham, Morag Keil, Olga Balema, Jacqueline Mesmaeker, Bradley Kronz, Nina Könnemann, Yuki Kimura, Heji Shin, Gladys Clover, Henrik Olesen, Gérard Traquandi, Win McCarthy SturtevantNicole-Antonia Spagnola, Bedros Yeretzian, Michèle Graf & Selina Grüter, Megan Francis Sullivan, Richard Hawkins, Tonio Kroner, Angharad Wiliams, Marie Angeletti, Peter Fend, Jimmie Durham, Camilla Wills, Robert Filliou, Marc Kokopeli & Jeffrey Joyal, Dennis Cooper, John Knight, Nora Schultz, Stéphane Barbier Bouvet,Richard Sides,Michael Callies, Samuel Jeffery, Lily Van Der Stokker, Matt Browning, Hélene Fauquet, John Kelsey, Adrian Morris, Eva Steinmetz, Matthew Pang, Enzo Shalom, Matthew Langan Peck, Peter Wächtler, Anna Rubin, Gene Beery, Michael Van den Abeele, Georgia Sagri, Robert Grosvenor, John Miller, Sarah Rapson, Cathy Wilkes, Simone Forti, Charlotte Houette, Ye Xe.