Maison de la Photographie Toulon

La Photographie comme héritage

Boris & Bernard Lipnitzki

From July 6 to October 5

curated by Rémy Kerténian and Christophe Guglielmo

Boris and Bernard Lipnitzki left their mark on the history of photography in France throughout the 20th century. Their work is distinguished by its ability to capture the elegance of Parisian life, particularly in the fields of fashion, theater, ballet and cinema (…), but also by their vision of reportage and scenes of daily life.


An exhibition in partnership with Agence Roger-Viollet


Maison de photographie 




13 Rue Nicolas Laugier, 83000 Toulon

Boris Lipnitzki

Coco Chanel (1883-1971)
French seamstress. Paris