23 June – 24 September 2023

Fondant: existing within a suspended and transitory moment, the Panorama space becomes a kaleidoscopic boudoir for a past made after, the setting for a scene which is both anticipated and already over, for the pleasures obsessed by desirous objects. Confectionary, icing, moistness, fluids, fusions, lavas… The title and its connotations set the tone for the frozen spectacle orchestrated by Zoe Williams.


Au hasard Balthazar

23 June – 20  August 2023

The exhibition Au hasard Balthazar offers the first spatial – and narrative – installation of Benoît Doche de Laquintane’s contemporary art collection. Started in the early 2000’s, in Bordeaux, the collection now counts nearly 150 artworks and is regarded as a reference among the « young » French contemporary art collections.