Dust specks on the sea

From February 2 to July 28, 2024

Group show

Curated by Arden Sherman

In 1964, French President Charles de Gaulle visited Martinique, Guadeloupe, and French Guiana on an official state visit. Flying in an airplane over the Caribbean Sea, de Gaulle described the islands as “dust specks on the sea”1. De Gaulle’s famous quote evokes the almost otherworldly mystery of an aerial view of the Caribbean archipelago, while at the same time revealing a deep-seated hierarchical perspective of the region stemming from France’s history as a powerful colonizing force in the Caribbean.




Address: La Friche la Belle de Mai, 41 Rue Jobin, 13003 Marseille

Kenny Dunkan

COSMOS (2021)
Courtesy Centre national des arts plastiques