Fondation Thalie

Assieds-toi, prends un verre de thé

From June 30 to September 28, 2024

Sara Ouhaddou

Curated by Nathalie Guiot and Ludovic Delalande

In her creative processes, the artist draws on the collective intelligence of rural communities, from the Atlas mountains to the villages of the Rif, from the medinas of Fez to Marrakech. Her protocols allow her to deconstruct motifs, to innovate by imagining new tools around the works with the complicity of artisans. The title of the exhibition “Assieds-toi, prends un verre de thé” [in Arabic: Gaalsi, T’charbi kass d’atay] is an invitation to enter into the intimacy of these communities. Between social photography and sculptural works, a certain form of poetry of the long term emerges; a way of reading the world against the injunctions of globalization, thanks to an ecology of reuse that the artist is keen to inscribe in a resolutely contemporary plastic approach.




Address: 34 rue de l'amphithéâtre, 13200 Arles

Sara Ouhaddou

Rejim Maatoug, (2023)
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