Union Pacific, London

Caroline Mesquita

Aeration, by Caroline Mesquita was originally made for her solo show at Union Pacific Gallery in London in 2015. It was installed behind the wall, and the sound crept out into the room through a low and crude, but shiny brass grid in the basement of the gallery, as if there was something else existing behind the walls.


The sounds that you hear were made with metal sculptures, Mesquita’s typical abstracted figurative forms.  Caroline was interested in the extent to which these physical objects can produce an immaterial matter (the sound) which can exist in a different way and occupy another part of the space.

These sounds for her are also a sort of expression and voice given to these inert objects, a depth of character.


This and other sound works she has made have been then developed for the soundtracks of the stop motion videos that she also makes using the sculptures







Caroline Mesquita

Aeration (2015)


23 min 55 sec