The Pill, Istanbul

Pablo Dávila

Pablo Dávila explores sentience and subjectivity by investigating perception, space and time consciousness. His practice takes many shapes – encompassing video, electronics, light installation, photography, conceptual painting and site-specific interventions. Recurring to a minimalist reductive approach, Dávila traverses the space in between sensory perception and cognitive understanding. His poetic gestures trigger a questioning of our expectations in dealing with the passing of time, and the psychological lens with which we process events in our memory.


Pablo Dávila has exhibited at The Pill (Istanbul); José García (Ciudad de México, Mexico); Paul Kasmin gallery (New York City); Travesía Cuatro (Guadalajara, México); FIFI Projects (Monterrey y Ciudad de México, México); Sala Juárez (Guadalajara, México); Cult Exhibitions (San Francisco CA); Salón ACME (Ciudad de México, México; Brooklyn, EUA); Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City)…

He participated in theartists-in-residence program at the Atlantic Center for the Arts with Josiah McElheny (Florida, USA). Dávila holds a film degree from Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada).
He lives and works in Mexico City.







Pablo Dávila

y los vivos estaban hechos de cartón (2020)

Three tape loops with different lengths from the 1967 Spoleto reading by Ezra Pound, the phrase belongs to ¨from canto CXV¨.

The composition was determined by the minimal possible length the tape could be cut. The loops all start at the same time and slowly start falling out of sync.

Unique piece