Terzo Fronte, Rome/Athens

Maxime Bichon, Adriano Costa, Pauline Curnier-Jardin, Basile Ghosn, Marinella Pirelli, Laure Vigna

Terzo Fronte is an independent space that has deployed its programming between Rome and Athens, in the domestic spaces of the two founders. Created in 2021 by Georgia René-Worms and Colin Ledoux, Terzo Fronte borrows its mode of operation from literature and has built its programming around chapters conceived as a narrative experience, like a living book.


The projects produced by Terzo Fronte address the issues of living and sharing together: the relationship between community life, intimacy and what art does to them. The following artists have collaborated with Terzo Fronte: Gaia Vincensini and Inner Light, Maxime Bichon, Laurie Charles, La Méditéranée, Adriano Costa.


Terzo Fronte sees itself as an active laboratory for exchange, connection and circulation between the Franco-Italian and international art scenes, exploring the ecosystems of narrative and the politics of art.


As part of Art-O-Rama 2024 , Terzo Fronte’s proposal takes up the title Administrations of Relationships, a phrase first coined in response to an invitation from Rome’s MACRO museum to produce a poster representing their perception of the past year.


Administrations of Relationships is both the title of the edition that brings together the experiences of the six exhibitions produced since 2021 by Terzo Fronte, which will be launched in September 2024, and an exhibition of works by artists from across the French and Italian scenes, exploring what relational quotidianity, its management in love, friendship and economics, does to our contem- porary lives.




Basile Ghosn

textile dye, pastel and tracing printed on paper
70x90 cm

Maxime Bichon

Anti_2 (2023)
Trap disarmed, light bulb

Adriano Costa

Above all no sentimentality (2022)

Pauline Curnier-Jardin

Peaux de Dame (2018)

Marinella Pirelli

Doppio Autoritratto (1973-1974) et
Narciso, film esperienza [Narcissus, film experience]
Digitized 16mm film
on loan from the Marinella Pirelli Estate and Richard Saltoun Gallery, Rome-London

Laure Vigna

Adriano Costa

people i know, people i love, people are people (2022)
120 stickers
Variable size