Sultana, Paris

Emmanuel Lagarrigue

Emmanuel Lagarrique’s work grows since about fifty years around key topics such as language, time, memory, experience and perception. He specifically questions the individual construction processes, in their relation with external elements (from the figure of the other to history and cultural constructions) as well as in the limits of their transmission and sharing.

The exploration of the language is probably its main indicator. Through its written and spoken use and even more its physical impact that he gives to it in his sculptures and installations, Emmanuel Lagarrique seeks to develop a hyper textual universe where the transformation, translation and transcoding processes send back to the diffracted construction of identity as it is lived in contemporary times.


His work is showed internationally (Korea, Brazil, Spain…) and is present in numerous private and public collections (Musée National d’Art Moderne – Centre Georges Pompidou, Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Musée des Abattoirs, MacVal, various FRAC). He was also awarded with the Audi Talent prize in 2017









Emmanuel Lagarrigue

Il y a toujours un autre autre (2020)

Programmed electric control system covered by its collector

An emitter waiting for its activation by its receiver: a control box on which a lighting (for instance) can be plugged, and which turns it into a Morse emitter broadcasting a text in a diffuse way, ambient, slow. The piece is complete only if activated by its owner, first of its receivers.