Sans titre (2016), Paris

Basile Ghosn, Katharina Schmidt, Hamish Pearch

Sans titre (2016) proposes a group presentation emphasizing on the links between art and architecture, especially in the context of the City of Marseille where its urbanism and architecture are two primary components of the aesthetical, social and cultural environment. While the city is facing gigantic change, seeing some of its neighborhoods drastically renovated, some others are still in urgent need of refurbishment, feeding the anger of the population towards the elected local authorities. 

The artists gather for this project, all address our relationship to an urban environment, the living conditions in this environment and the social links and consequences they establish between its inhabitants.


Basile Ghosn (Lebanon, 1991) creates a new wallpaper made of superposition of Xeroxed images of utopian urbanism in deserted places, confronting the failure of exclusively theoretical architecture. It will create a direct link with his solo show, organized by Sans titre (2016) at the same time in Marseille, in the warehouse of a famous antic dealer, specialized in furniture by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret or Charlotte Perriand, all known for their utopian approach of architecture and design. 


Katharina Schmidt (Germany, 1960), on the other hand, shows her body of works dedicated to the Centre Bourse – in the neighborhood of Belsunce – analyzing where poetry resides even in the most brutalist ensembles, widely considered as “ugly”. 


Hamish Pearch (United Kingdom, 1993) has an anthropocenic approach of the city and architecture. His work points towards systems and the experience of place through objects and sets out to articulate ideas about the way in which we exist in and understand the world around us. Often playing with scale, materials and by making fabricated found objects, he looks at the relationship between surfaces, reality and artifice, and between the banal and the magical.




Hamish Pearch

Last orders (2018)
Wood, cardboard, charcoal, chalk, paint
Courtesy the artist and Sans Titre (2016)

Basile Ghosn

Untitled (bye) (2018)
Photocopy drawing
29.7 x 42cm
Courtesy the artist and Sans Titre (2016)