Salle Principale, Paris

Since its creation in 2014, Salle Principale gallery has supported artists working in a range of disciplines who deal with shared themes and tackle topical issues via direct engagement with the real world. The question of migration—and its corollaries, namely the way we relate to the environment and the notion of territory—is a key concern, and is the main theme of this presentation at the ART-O-RAMA’s booth.

The conditions in which migratory flows occur suggest, in most cases, a journey across territories that leads to deprivation and fosters a direct engagement with the environment and, more broadly, with the omnipresent Nature. The links between mobility, territory and nature connect humans to their environment, either in harmony or with extreme violence.

These subjects, which are highly relevant today, were tackled in the early 1970s by the Austrian artist Lois Weinberger, who attracted considerable attention in Kassel and Athens for his second participation in Documenta (10 and 14).

Also focusing on questions of migration, the artist Matthieu Saladin has written a musical score entitled Les déplacements [Displacements] whose libretto consists of 48 graphs. Placed on a music stand made by the designer Dominique Mathieu.

The anarchitect Gianni Pettena has developed a very specific approach to architecture in confrontation with universal nature, setting forth a philosophy of “precise carelessness” that aims to acknowledge natural forces and behaviours. Marea is a series of four photographs of a performance made in London in 1974.

The question of the context and of the development of the living environment via appropriation is one of the main preoccupations of the architect Patrick Bouchain.