Rubis sur l’ongle, Pantin

Jeanne Moynot, Stéphanie Cherpin, George, Anne Lise Le Gac, Yoan Sorin

RUBIS SUR L’ONGLE is an original initiative by the artist Jeanne Moynot. As a visual artist and performer, she applies her love of the visual and the living on various media (installations, performances, shows). Her protean projects, whether in the field of visual arts or performing arts, are produced by Le parc à thèmes, a company initially created with the artist Anne-Sophie Turion in 2013 and supported by Actoral, an artist support office.


Jewellery, paper trays, magnets, key rings, bladed weapons or magic candles, RUBIS SUR L’ONGLE hosts limited editions of utilitarian objects made by artists with an intimate link to Marseille.


RUBIS SUR L’ONGLE is aimed at private or institutional collectors who wish to reinvent their relationship with creators. Like the model of sustainable agriculture, RUBIS SUR L’ONGLE is designed as a short circuit, favouring the direct link between the artist and the collector, in a militant approach that takes into account protection of the environment, health at work and the well-being of the artist.


Working with bio-sourced or recycled materials, Stéphanie Cherpin, George, Anne Lise Le Gac, Jeanne Moynot and Yoan Sorin, all of whom are Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts, all share a certain definition of beauty. The links with the city of Marseilles – in a vernacular dynamic – and friendship are also at the heart of the curation. RUBY SUR L’ONGLE is an ode to manual labour, a celebration of manual work, affect and goodwill.



Anne Lise Le Gac, 2021

Pyrography on a bladed weapon, Limited edition, Price defined by 12-sided dice, Courtesy the artist, © Pierre Quintrand

detail of the installation Farfouillette, Jeanne Moynot, 2016

Mixed media, variable dimensions, as part of the exhibition The house is looking for an admiral to rent, National Museum of Bucharest (curator: Marie Bechetoille) Limited edition, Courtesy the artist (© figurine: Catherine Merdy) © Jeanne Moynot

From Dériver Parées, series of jewellery/sculptures/video performance accessories

Stéphanie Cherpin, 2021, Mixed media, variable dimensions (wearable by a human being), Single copy, Courtesy the artist, © Stéphanie Cherpin

A key ring, Jeanne Moynot, 2022

Leather, acrylic markers, nail varnish, metal haberdashery, Single copy (from the series Key ring n°1), 50 x 25 cm, Courtesy the artist, © Jeanne Moynot

RUBIS SUR L'ONGLE#1 with Stéphanie Cherpin, Anne Lise Le Gac, Jeanne Moynot and Yoan Sorin

from 11 September to 9 October 2021, Le 33, Marseille, a Mécènes du Sud production, Courtesy the artists