Norma Mangione, Turin

Francesco Pedraglio, Stefanie Popp

The presentation plays on the juxtaposition between two artists, -Stefanie Popp (Bonn, 1974 ;lives and works in Cologne) and Francesco Pedraglio (1981, Como; lives and works in Mexico City), with a composition of sculptures both on plinths and on wall by Pedraglio, and a small group of paintings by Popp.

Popp and Pedraglio are representative of two different artistic expressions that find a common point in the use of a symbolic language that stems from a pre-existent narration, almost obscure to the observer.


Popp’s imagery is made up of multiple levels of understanding as if it were always immersed in a propitiatory rite. Through different media, Popp condenses references to Eastern culture with

Western symbols, as well as hints at the spiritual or sexual sphere, permeating his work with a marked ambiguity and a dreamlike atmosphere.


Pedraglio’s objects derive from likely and plausible events that, once unveiled to the spectator through a voice on the telephone, remain in an interregnum between reality and fiction. Beside

these small stages, inspired by his daily life, the shapes on the walls are both tools – rough weapons like spear and knife – and typographical signs – arrows, underlining, commas and accents.

Although recalling a text layout, they actually remind of an era when writing did not exist.