MORE Projects, Paris

Camila Farina, Sergio Verastegui, Davide Bertocchi, Pia Hinz, Julie Béna, Josep Maynou, Julien Carreyn, Delphine Trouche, Loïc Pantaly, Florian Neufeldt, Grégoire d’Ablon, Julie Sas, Sophie T. Lvoff, Rodrigue de Ferluc, François Curlet, Mathieu Mercier, Nathan Careme, Sâadan Afif, Julie Vacher, Charlotte Moth, Julien Monnerie

For Art-O-Rama 2022, design section, we, the MORE Projects collective, present the project lumen whose title becomes the possible name of a brand of imaginary objects as much as a concrete echo of the works presented: lamps. 


For this 2022 edition, we have invited fifteen artists to create lamps or to entrust us with pre-existing ones. If the question of light is as poetic as it is technical for art and its history, it is also one of the main characters of the Marseille territory. Therefore, by choosing to participate as a design stand in the Art-o-Rama 2022 fair, we wish to focus on the different artificial lights that illuminate the art world, whether they are the neon lights of fairs, the allogeneic lights of studios or even those of our telephone screens. We wish to propose a stand that oscillates between dazzle and humor, allowing us to question why and how artists, too, make everyday and functional objects (or not) and indulge in this stylistic exercise of the designer, as enjoyable as it is perilous.



Josep Maynou, Argent, 2021

© Photo by Raphaël Lugassy