Moly-Sabata, Sablons

Audrey Ballacchino, Bastier Morin, Marianne Castelly, Michel Cohen, Jérôme Galvin, Julia Gilles, Andrea Moreno, Jean Ponsart, Zélie Rouby, Livia Spinga

Moly-Sabata is France’s oldest active artists’ residency, making its studios and resources available to some thirty artists a year, by invitation only. For its fifth participation in Art-o-rama as a partner of the show, Moly-Sabata is changing the format of its contribution by designing a new avatar of the Moly shop, a boutique for utilitarian ceramics. Ten male and female potters based between Moly and the Mediterranean were called upon to display nearly 400 pieces of tableware priced between €30 and €500.


In Moly-Sabata, the Moly shop offers the public the chance to buy objects made in workshops all over the country and beyond. The initiative follows on from the success of the “Aux foyers” exhibition-sale held on site in autumn 2020, which revived the local tradition of the village buying its crockery from Moly-Sabata. Continuously open within the artists’ residence, the Moly shop was first exported to Strasbourg in 2022 for the “Au Bonheur” exhibition at CEAAC, which brought together craftspeople from Alsace. Material support for its community of artists continues: 30% of sales are allocated to production grants, with the remainder going to exhibitors.




Audrey Ballacchino

Beurrier temmoku-jaune (2020)
Stamped, modelled and glazed porcelain, electrically fired, 18 x 20 x 12 cm
Courtesy the artist
Photo © Jérôme Martinez-Corral

Andrea Moreno

Bougeoir Donde hubo fuego...(2023)
Glazed white stoneware, electrically fired at 1250°, 15 x 10 x 13 cm
Courtesy the artist
Photo © Marion Ellena

Bastier Morin

Plat octogonale (2023)
Glazed earth, electric firing at 1020°, 40 x 30 cm
Courtesy the artist
Photo © Jeanne Morin

Jean Ponsart

Bol (2023)
Turned and shaped larnage clay, 1290° reducing jet gas firing, 15 x 12 x 10 cm
Courtesy the artist
Photo © Ivan Bielefeldt

Jérôme Galvin

Bols (2023)
Engobed red earthenware, decorated with oxides and dyes, electrically fired at 1050°, average Ø 11 x 7 cm each
Courtesy the artist
Photo © Jérôme Galvin

Julia Gilles

Bol (2023)
Stoneware, single-fired at 1300°C, 12 x 12 cm
Courtesy the artist
Photo © Julia Gilles

Livia Spinga

Tasse et coupelle (2023)
Modelled stoneware, ash glaze, reductive gas firing at 1280°, Ø 9 x 5.5 cm
Courtesy the artist
Photo © Livia Spinga

Marianne Castelly

Assiette à dessert (2023)
Stamped glazed stoneware, 1270° gas firing, Ø 19 cm
Courtesy the artist
Photo © Marianne Castelly

Michel Cohen

Théière (2022)
Stoneware, long firing in anagama wood-fired kiln, 27 cm
Courtesy the artist
Photo © Michel Cohen

Zélie Rouby

Théières (2023)
Vitrified engobed smooth turned stoneware, electric fired at 1280°, 15 x 15 cm each
Courtesy the artist
Photo © Zélie Rouby