Misako & Rosen, Tokyo

Yuki Okumura

Yuki Okumura’s presentation 29,771 days – 2,094,943 steps” comprises a film, a photographic image, and prints on transparent film on plexiglass, along with its title and poetic introductory text as integral parts of the entire fabric.


Through a confluence of personal recollections and fragmental documents, some of which conflict with each other, all the elements together attempt to reveal the “double” life and work of an unnamed man — seemingly a late Conceptual artist whose identity was kept obscure until he passed away at the age of 81, while developing a highly stoic practice instrumenting dates and steps as a means to consistently portray himself in a rather objective manner. It is the latest project by Okumura, whose practice revisits recent art history as a site of interpersonal relations, on which he often applies his own life and fantasy, driven by his belief in the essential parallelity of worlds and the ultimate interconnectedness between individuals.




To make a hole in a day as a nap
before we make the great leap into space
I have a dull pain in my eyes
through the invisible cosmic rays

man walks on the planet earth
A death mask stolen, of James Joyce
The total distance walked during their lives
I make love to the days

Difference between sameness and difference is same
A street, 1000.01 lightyears long

The dead have left their marks
All the Information of Mankind on the Earth
immortalized in the logbook of the past
I didn’t sleep well last night

Man Walks on Moon
when the people will have lost their remembrance
For all those who have lived and died
how empty is this space?

Sameness between difference and sameness is different
A street, 1000.02 lightyears long

I am going to sleep forget it
before mankind once and for all, enters space
I still have a pain in my eyes
raining cosmic rays

it’s all right if you are there
together into something new

Difference between sameness and difference is same
A street, 1000.03 lightyears long

Sameness between difference and sameness is different
A street, 1000.04 lightyears long



Yuki Okumura

29,771 days – 2,094,943 steps (2019)
Scanned and partly overlaid published photographic image; archival pigment print on paper
Courtesy the artist and MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo

Yuki Okumura

The Man Who (2019)
Sequenced film fragments of interviews with Marja Bloem, Michel Claura, Herman Daled, Michèle Didier, Rudi Fuchs, Yves Gevaert, Kasper König, Jean-Hubert Martin, Phillip Van den Bossche.
HD video; 116 minutes 15 seconds
Courtesy the artist and Misako & Rosen