Maxime Douillet – 2023 guest designer

Laureate of the Région Sud Design Prize 2022, Maxime Douillet has a dedicated exhibition space at Art-o-rama 2023.


Maxime Douillet brings a little spark of life to objects that are usually inert. He creates movements and thus, makes our interiors gain volume, transmits an idea or hides our secrets. He wants the response of his objects to be soft and discreet, but he wants them to respond. This is why he designs and manufactures mechanical furnitures. He relies on a technical training with the journeymen, on university studies, in wood science and furniture, in mechanical drawing and lately, in design.


A mobile office for a photo workshop. A work surface, a scanner and a computer, hosting students and teachers. Some of the functions can be discovered with use. Some aspects are for those who pay attention. Once drawn, the desk expressed itself. In Morse code it makes the link between analog and digital, between silver photography and electronic. Maybe in a sense, it wants to express that today’s technologies can enrich yesterday’s ones. And we know it works also in the other sense.





Maxime Douillet

Le Bureau d'
Courtesy the artist
© Olivier Sola