Madragoa, Lisbon

Sara Chang Yan

Working with drawing in different mediums – on paper, video, with sound, on the wall and within the space, often in the form of installations – the artist explores the representation and presence of subtle elements such as light, shadows, transparency and opacity, the intensity of things and not just the things themselves. Could her works be considered energetic equations of space?


Sara Chang Yan draws space rather than objects. In the words of the artist: ‘When I look at the world, I don’t feel like it’s enough. There must be more than this. I’m interested in the qualitative aspect of the gesture.’ The works thus aim to capture the internal quality that motivates them, that gives them life. ‘I think that life unfolds in states that are neither visible nor material’. The artist examines how the internal state within each one of us can affect reality. From an ontological perspective, her drawings seek to understand or give form to the often-invisible complex of structure-movement-vibration, looking at states and notions such as: intuition, intention, emptiness, consciousness, evidence, being.


Excerpt from “See Pressa de Chegar”, courtesy Pedro Faro and Sara Antónia Matos







Sara Chang Yan

Estado (2019)

Edition of 3