Lucas Hirsch, Düsseldorf


On the occasion of an evening at Bob’s Pogo Bar at KW Berlin in October 2017 HC made a series of drinking vessels from clay. In order to drink from these without spilling the liquid it contains one needs to find a partner, a collaborator, a friend. In November 2018 the vessels became part of the show „To eggs and other shells“ at Galerie Thomas Fischer, Berlin, where they were exhibited among other objects associatively combined around the leitmotif of a vessel or container. While HC were serving drinks in their vessels again they also took pictures of their guests drinking during the opening. These pictures became templates for a series of acrylic paintings on wooden panels currently on view for an exhibition titled „Damien & The Love Guru“ at Priya Shetty Gallery in Brussels.


For their presentation at Art-o-Rama HC will continue their research into the history and cultures of drinking vessels and present a series of acrylic paintings. These paintings will depict vessels used in ancient collective drinking rituals in Aosta Valley in Northern Italy.


HC was founded in Brussels in 2016 by Friedemann Heckel (lives and works in Berlin) and Lukas Müller (lives and works in Frankfurt am Main). While both artist maintain their individual practices they develop their collective endeavor continuously.