Homaar, Paris

La Bande des Seize is a unique collection of digital works. The names of the biblical prophets are combined with Homaar’s identity and inventiveness, embodied in singular animated silhouettes.


Following the first act of the Homaar Show, inaugurated in Avignon in a theatrical setting, this second act has been specially designed for Art-o-Rama in Marseille.


The theme is football in an urban setting. The prophets take on the gestures of footballers as their stories scroll across the screen, accompanied by a sound recording.


These original displays are projected or presented on a screen mounted on a three-wheeled vehicle. Some of the works are recorded on a blockchain and available for sale in editions, in the form of NFTs.


The digital dimension of these works means that they can be presented in a variety of formats, adapting to fairs and galleries and going beyond traditional exhibition venues, with outdoor processes such as travelling exhibitions or projections in urban environments.


Each prophet, carefully designed and animated, has its own identity. By acquiring a work from the series, collectors become the guardians of Homaar prophets who are now celebrated for more than their divine predictions.