Good Weather, Chiacgo (IL) / North Little Rock (AR)

Hunter Foster and Jerry Phillips

Good Weather’s  booth is a presentation of work by Hunter Foster and Jerry Phillips. The gallery and artists have conceived of the booth as a layered arrangement of painting, drawing, and sculpture that extends from each artists’ established bodies of work and latches on to newly articulated parts of their practice to coalesce as an installation within the art fair booth. The proposed site-specific architectural sculpture by Foster made from the primary material of PVC pipes will be installed as an extrusion of the booth walls. Work by both artists will be installed on the walls and provisional structure to create a layered presentation, wherein the site-lines between the work will have increased relational overlap: a complicating—and sometimes flattening—of perspective that finds relationships to both artists’ work.
Phillips’ intricate graphite drawings deal with subject and non-subject that teeters between marginalia and understatement, employing ambiguity, discord and — sometimes — contradiction with an intent to plot a lyrical visual landscape using an accumulation of quotidian images as source materials.
Foster’s paintings are made of strips of dyed canvas wound around a painted wooden dowel to form an amassed and condensed painting field. This deconstruction of material into concentric circles serves as an apt metaphor for the artist’s interests—concerned with emptiness, negation/negativity, the hollow infrastructure of systems, and divided structures.