Gaudel de Stampa, Paris

For its first participation in ART-O-RAMA, Paris-based gallery Gaudel de Stampa presents a group show with three artists represented by the gallery: Gijs Milius, Andrea Romano, and Camilla Wills.

Gijs Milius (b.1985 in Utrecht, Netherlands), lives and works now in Brussels. Through his drawings, sculptures and installations he plays with dimensions. Most of his drawings are invented sculptures, objects and situations in 2D/3D and his sculptures always have a 2D aspect. He would define his approach as “a permanent conflict between volume and a plane. It’s a matter of drawings that want to be sculptures“.

Andrea Romano (b. 1984, Milan), lives and works in Milan. In his practice the artist explores artworks and their role, he investigates the relational space existing between the object on display and the viewer’s gaze hunting for its possible truthfulness and nature. Within Andrea Romano’s practice “DOORKIJKJE” (title of his first exhibition at the gallery in 2015) is a precise observation mode, a principle of synthesis through which reflecting and analyzing the nature of the artwork itself.

Camilla Wills (b. 1985 in the United Kingdom). She is an artist and editor based in Brussels. Knowing that the representation and the thing itself can never coincide, her practice finds the gaps between containment and dissolution, mourning and normalcy. ArtForum’s critic Sam Korman writes: “Wills loves to baffle and does it with a straight face. The artist’s associations—poetic, ersatz—rattle language’s hold on meaning.