Galleria Six, Milan

Gianluca Codeghini, Ange Leccia

The project is inspired by the latest book written by the Italian art critic Elio Grazioli “Infrasottile, l’arte contemporanea ai limiti”, which investigates the notion of Duchamp’s Inframince.

With this aesthetic ideology aimed at what is at the limits of visual perception, discernible, difference, we want to present the work of two artists, Gianluca Codeghini and Ange Leccia, drawing a transverse path of affinity that cleaves the character with the concept of Inframince.

Gianluca Codeghini will exhibit black and white photographic images covered with unfixed dust toner and a series of vases (ceramic sculptures) colored with erasable black markers. The thought behind both works is a work in progress to sensitive touch.

Elio Grazioli writes: Codeghini has frequented Inframince strategy, from matter like dust, repetition, to error noise-disorder and whisper.

Ange Leccia will exhibit two Arrangements C-print, the series of photographic works that propose two exemplars of the same object placed one in front of the other. Specifically, a work about two Volvo cars with headlights on. The other arrangement about two aircraft “Mirage 2000”.

Elio Grazioli writes: “Two are already an encounter, the beginning of something, the very principle of the relationship. Being in front is a non-hierarchical relationship, not subordinate, egalitarian, the degree zero of the relationship…”