galerie Rolando Anselmi, Berlin / Rome

Vincenzo Schillaci

My work can be defined as a comprehensive reflection on the linguistic components of painting, as raw material, even when the works do not directly entail the medium of painting. I’m interested in working on a large range of supports, merging allusions to the history of modern and contemporary art, and historical or sociological. I like to define my work as a product of the ‘post-humanism’, which is a term that describes a society in development through the technological progress, going beyond the fixed category of being (time, for example), or predetermined grading (animals/humans), provoking big idiosyncrasies in relation to reality.

I investigate the idea of extension of the image origination, exploring themes related to memory and the temporality of the work, the transmission and processing of information. My practice is based on a combination of both philosophical and material research, and the relations between immateriality and the pervasiveness of images, this allows me to extend the comprehension of my semantic field. Indeed, my work becomes a breach towards the possibility of slight touches, tangencies and connections with the grainy surface of the world, in a tensive relationship between seen and unseen, appearance and disappearance.







Vincenzo Schillaci

Di Uomini e Pittori (2019)


Courtesy Galerie Rolando Anselmi, Roma | Berlin