Fondation Thalie, Brussels/Arles

Samy Rio

Between industrial craftsmanship and cottage industry


French designer Samy Rio combines craft and industry to improve the quality of his production, while retaining control over the myriad of durable objects he produces.
Bringing together these two diametrically opposed modes of production allows him to breathe new life into neglected craft traditions while tempering mass production. Samy Rio puts his training in cabinetmaking and industrial design at the service of this new hybrid approach, enabling it to pass the test of viability.

Simple and uncluttered in appearance, Samy Rio’s objects examine the role of design in reinterpreting sustainable practices through combinations of materials and processes.



Samy Rio won the Design Parade grand prize at Villa Noailles in 2015.
This award led to a tour of prestigious residencies, including those at Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto and Le NTCRI in Taiwan, and to collaborations with Manufacture nationale de Sèvres and Cirva, two institutions he convinced to work together on a joint project.



Samy Rio sees himself as a mediator or intermediary between highly qualified and specialized know-how (both artistic and scientific) that might not come into contact without his intervention.
He also works closely with a number of architectural firms, pooling their know-how to develop transdisciplinary, innovative and sustainable projects, such as the Académie in Lyon for the WHO with Atelier 2/3/4, or the fitting-out of the new Grand Palais with Atelier Senzu.

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gemmage colophane

photo credit Samy Rio

assise convertible

photo credit Samy Rio

extrusion terre cuite

photo credit Samy Rio

gueridon chataignier

photo credit Samy Rio

lampe kino

photo credit Samy Rio