Fanta, Milan

Alessandro Agudio

Alessandro Agudio’s practice comprises sculptures and installations that draw from the legacy of design, being configured as artifacts that evoke futuristic atmospheres, but that at the same time could potentially be assimilated within the domestic environment and a certain idea of lifestyle.


His works are characterized by shapes that are often bizarre yet plausible, enhanced by an obsession for surfaces and their details, which tend to soften them, to mitigate their rigidity in order to reveal their clumsy attitude of posing objects. They are sneering, defiant, yet simultaneously melancholic.

For the presentation at ART-O-RAMA 2019, the artist continues his recent investigation on forms that make reference to the body and its functions, bringing together one existing piece with three new productions. Positioned within the space accordingly to the average height of a human body, avoiding a frontal confrontation with the viewer and rather hinting to a possible utilization, these objects suggest a hedonistic, gym-like scenario, presenting themselves as prosthesis waiting to be activated.

However, the performativity that they allude to and that they seem to promise fails to attain the relentless efficiency of the post-human, resulting in a series of oddly dysfunctional devices that exist in a continuous dialectic between function and fiction, being at the same time unable to wrest free from their furnishing pretensions.




Allesandro Agudio

The Most Famous Wooden Spaceship On a Brazilian Beach (2017)
Wood, brass, plexiglass, campari, sand, lamp
130 x 62 x 35 cm
Courtesy the artist and Fanta

Allesandro Agudio

Hello, I know it might sound weird but I am wondering if it is possible to make sure that the surface of the item is as homogeneous as possible. Many thanks (2018)
Wood, rope, steel
Variable dimensions
Courtesy the artist and Fanta-MLN

Allesandro Agudio

O (Che Dolor) (2018)
Aluminum, nails, balloon
5 x 125 x 12 cm
Courtesy the artist and Fanta-MLN