Exo Exo, Paris

Antoine Donzeaud

Antoine Donzeaud’s project for this new edition of Art-o-rama questions our intimate relationship with images : the ones we share and collect and live close to, these digital presences that we befriend. Nooks built with wooden frames and blinds are housing TV screens displaying video montages of the artist’s videos as well as other digital creators and influencers.
The work of Antoine Donzeaud is related to architecture through the verticality of its formats, through its reference to the frame, through the structure of construction and the horizontality of displacement, of walking, of wandering. In its form, minimalism meets the urban footprint of advertising and graffiti. This relationship to architecture is vast, inspired by the photographic series of abandoned houses by John Divola and the gigantic cuttings of Gordon Matta-Clark. It is above all intimate, it is born of an obsession, a fascination of the artist for a meta-language digital and urban, a desire to tell the stories of those who live there.
The is no story without frame, whether one intimate or one of the screen. The project combines these two planes to offer a glimpse of the preciousness of these openings on the world inside our intimate territories. Theses windows are the endearing pattern of an old t-shirt we keep to sleep, the surprise or tears the others share on networks that remind us we are not alone, or the Youtube channel of a carpenter at the other side of the world narrating his daily life which becomes a part of ours too. As so many infra-message imprinting themselves inside us over time.