Emmanuel Hervé, Paris, Marseille

Zin Taylor, Jean-Simon Raclot, Tina & Charly

Like the letters in a word that evolve into a sentence, Zin Taylor’s work is shaped through an accumulation of units. Within his propositions, modular elements commingle to develop a distinct formal language. A morphology solely capable of translating an idea into something active, something generative, something else. In conversation, thoughts about a subject grow into forms about a subject, and from these forms a language of abstraction begins to emerge as a tool for composition: the dot stretches to turn into a stripe, the stripe bends into a zigzag, the zigzag softens into a curve, and a description of what thinking can be like becomes visual.

Simon Raclot, invites us to discover a series of paintings and drawings in mostly acidulous, “chlorophyliptic” colors, swarming with intense and radiant touches that give a fantastic accent to all the proposals. Images from memories, related to the painter’s journey of withdrawal and solitude
in order to bring us back these canvases imbued with a sweet fluorinated melancholy. At a time when climate change is at the heart of the news, this chromatic disruption offers a powerful dreamlike filter evoking in turn other times, other places. We think of the landscapes in Ridley Scott’s Alien, “Cobra verde”, the Green Hell, that jungle at the heart of darkness. The human prowls masked or disoriented within this empty theatre. Towards the greens, as close as possible to a vertigo.

Living in town since three years, Tina and Charly are interested in issues of urban planning, global surveillance of the public space and creating links between our generation and the next one to question the political stakes linked to new technologies. The space that surrounds them induces their creativities, hence wandering and encounters are essential elements in their creative process. On the one hand, the environment in which they evolve allows them to define the political, sociological and cultural status of their works. On the other hand, it allows them to anchor their creations in different levels of reality.
In the Internet age, becoming aware of the body as a tool for thinking, sharing and connecting seems essential to them in order to understand the living and return to values of sobriety.
Recovered materials, bartering, collaboration are common terms in the duo’s work.




Zin Taylor

Thoughts collected on the surface of a panel (these thirty-six points are a field of thought) (2013)
MDF, acrylic paint, ink, brass, 80 x 60 cm
Courtesy of Emmanuel Hervé

Jean-Simon Raclot

untitled (2019)
Oil on canvas, 64 x 54 x 2 cm
Courtesy of Emmanuel Hervé

Tina & Charly

Méditations (2021)
Mixed techniques, 135 x 300 x 20 cm
Courtesy of Emmanuel Hervé