Dürst Britt & Mayhew, The Hague

Alexandre Lavet

The work of Alexandre Lavet plays with the idea of emptiness, disappearance and erasure. Under the apparent homogeneity of exhibition spaces lie the details that mark the uniqueness and specificity of each place. It is these elements that Alexandre Lavet wants to bring to light, thereby making the viewer more aware of the environment surrounding him. This specific work seems to be a caption on the wall referring to an artwork hanging next to it. However, there is no artwork in sight. On close inspection the caption turns out to be referring only to itself. Alexandre Lavet thereby succeeds in focusing the viewer’s attention on a humble part of the wall, where our eyes would normally not linger for long. Each of these “captions” is unique and custom-made for the acquirer.


Alexandre Lavet (1988) received both his BFA and MFA from the École Supérieure d’Art in Clermont-Ferrand (France). Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Everyday, I don’t’ at CAC Passerelle in Brest, France, ’Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Look to tomorrow. Rest this afternoon’ at Deborah Bowmann in Brussels, ‘I would prefer not to’ at Galerie Paris-Beijing in Paris, and ‘La cigarette n’a pas le même goût au soleil’ at Dürst Britt & Mayhew. Recent group exhibitions include ‘Vision’ at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, ‘Run Run Run’ at Villa Arson in Nice, ‘(In)territories/rituals’ at TARS Gallery in Bangkok and ‘The Context’ at Museum Flehite in Amersfoort, Netherlands. His work is held in private and public collections, including the Lisser Art Museum in The Netherlands. Alexandre Lavet is living and working in Brussels.







Alexandre Lavet

One hundred and ten characters on a wall, 2017
transfer on wall
2,7 x 12,1 cm
collection of Jose Carlos Santana Pinto