Château Bonisson

Collector of contemporary art for 40 years I felt the need to pursue and share my passion as well as the wish to bring something to the community.

The acquisition at the end of 2017 of our family winery “Château Bonisson” in Rognes in Provence allowed me to concretize this desire with the creation of the Bonisson Art center, a place dedicated to contemporary art in the former cellars of the estate. This intimate place of 300 m2 has 4 showrooms.


A passion of collector

Becoming a collector of contemporary art since the early 1980s has brought me personal satisfaction with the discovery of the works themselves but has also enriched me with encounters with artists and actors of the contemporary art world.

I have always believed that being a collector should not be limited to selfish pleasure but should contribute to the vitality of contemporary creation.

The Bonisson Art Center wishes to intervene in the highlighting of works but also in the unfolding of the artist’s career through support for production (patronage, residency, scholarship, publications, etc.) and the organization of 4 personal or group exhibitions per year.


A place open to the public

A place of general interest, the Bonisson Art Center must be productive and meaningful for the population.

The various proposals must respond to the most diverse audiences.

This place also aims to facilitate access to contemporary art for school children and students.


A place of freedom

This place, open to the public with free access. The absence of commercial constraints and issues, administrative or political interventions are the guarantee of its autonomy. Freedom and diversity prevail in artistic choices without reference to a movement, a genre, a theme, a time, a technique…

The techniques and styles are diverse, open to all forms of plastic expressions (paintings, drawings, sculptures, photos, performances, video installations…).

In the same way, various collaborations are promoted with museums, institutions, art centers, foundations as well as galleries.




Bonisson Art Center