Cable Depot, London

Charlie Warde

Cable Depot proposes a collaborative project based on Charlie Warde’s ‘Playtime’. 


‘Playtime’ is an evolving exhibition, re-imagining the potential of our built environment, featuring curatorial interventions by UK and French curators, critics, architects and artists. 


Previous ‘players’ include painter Amikan Toren, French critic Henri Guette, Millennium Dome and Centre Pompidou architect Mike Davies, UK critic Paul Carey-Kent, designer Christopher Raeburn and V&A Museum curator Tim Travis.


 ‘Playtime’ is an attempt to address Tati’s 1967 critique of French Modernism . It consists of 16 magnet-backed works on a steel sheet and 4 ‘free standing paintings’ on a plinth, both depicting hyper-realistic slabs of demolished Robin Hood Gardens concrete in varying states of neglect made to Le Corbusier Modulor dimensions. ‘Playtime’ will be continuously rebuilt during Art-o-rama by invited art world influencers, creating an infinitely dynamic and impossible to pin down proposition. 


“Warde’s paintings depict and mourn the decline of the physical integrity of the social-housing schemes conceived fifty years ago, while retaining enough of their innovative aesthetic to celebrate what they were… Warde wants to push painting as far as it will go” Paul Carey-Kent, critic and contributor to Frieze, FAD, SEISMA, etc. 


Charlie Warde’s works are in the permanent collection of the V&A Museum and 2 Willow Road.



Charlie Warde, Unsquare Dance, 2021

Unsquare Dance’ configured by Tim Travis, Curator Word & Image Department at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Charlie Warde, Unsquare Dance, 2021

’Unsquare Dance’ configured by Mike Davies, founding partner of the Richard Rogers Partnership , contributing architect Pompidou Centre , lead architect Millennium Dome, and Heathrow Terminal 5