Benoît Doche de Laquintane Prize

The Collection Benoît Doche de Laquintane focuses mainly on works related to Poetry in its ample meaning.
It aims to articulate a relation to the present times and gather works of art responding to the contemporary moment and engaging with possibilities of the constantly accelerating future. The collection invites a viewer to pose and reflect on the world around us and our position within it.

The Collection Benoît Doche de Laquintane aims to support emerging and established artists from the international art scene. All artistic medium or practices will be considered with no exclusion. The idea of the prize award is also to support the galleries and the Art-o-rama art fair.

The Collection Benoît Doche de Laquintane started in Bordeaux, France in the 2000s. It is a private collection gathering around 100 works by French and International artists, some of them being on loan (deposited) in French museums, such as the CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux.

In 2015, Benoît Doche de Laquintane also co-founded the Fonds the Dotation DLD with Anne-Sophie Dinant, which includes the artist residency SOLARIS and a collection of works by emerging and established artists. The funds also supports specific projects by artists and galleries.

SOLARIS is a programme of artist residencies initiated by the Fonds de dotation DLD.

The programme consists of one residency per year for invited artists. It aims to support emerging and established artists from the international art scene by enabling them to focus on specific research and to develop new projects during their time in the city of Bordeaux. It also supports their work by engaging with collaborations with art Institutions in France and abroad.


In 2022 the Benoît Doche de Laquintaine Prize was awarded to artist Jonas Mekas, represented by The Film Gallery (Paris) celebrating the centennial of the artist.





Benoît Doche de Laquintane Prize, Jonas Mekas, The Film Gallery, Paris, Art-o-rama 2022 © Margot Montigny