The CollezioneTaurisano Acquisition Award

Art-o-rama is delighted to announce the second edition of BECAUSE OF MANY SUNS, the Acquisition Award established by CollezioneTaurisano (Naples, Italy) with the intention of supporting emerging artistic practices that present an insightful look into contemporary society.


In line with the commitment of CollezioneTaurisano towards art that ignites critical reflection on the dynamics of domination of a post-capitalist society, BECAUSE OF MANY SUNS offers recognition to those artists whose practice provides a profound understanding of the time(s) we live in. While each artistic medium will be equally considered, the selection criteria will take into specific account the artist’s trajectory (primarily focusing on those practitioners who started exhibiting professionally within the last ten years).


According to this, a jury made up by collector Sveva Taurisano, art connoisseur and collector Joseph Awuah-Darko (Founding director, Noldor Artist Residency, Ghana), Muriel Enjalran (Director, Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) and the curator of the Award Carolina Ciuti (Director, exibart.es, and Artistic Director, LOOP Barcelona), will first shortlist the candidates and then announce the final recipient of the Acquisition Award at a ceremony to be held on the premises of Art-o-rama on August 27, at 7pm.


To promote the dissemination of art in an institutional context, at the time of purchase the work will be submitted to the Committee of the Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur as a donation.


The name BECAUSE OF MANY SUNS has been conceived by transdisciplinary art collective Apparatus 22, and it refers to the Award as a ray of sun that nurtures young practices, while it claims for the construction of a more supportive environment for the arts. Its graphic incarnation was conceived by the collective in collaboration with graphic designer Otilia Fiastru.



Past editions’ winners:

(2021-ex aequo) Anna Dot, Giving A Space to Confusion (2017), presented at the fair by Bombon Projects (Barcelona).


(2021-ex aequo) Mary Hurrell, Blush Response (2020), presented on the Immaterial Salon by Nicoletti Contemporary (London).


Anna Dot, action in Marseille, within the context of Art-o-rama’s opening


The members of the group Collective Actions met on the Firsanovka station in the Moscow region, on the 28th January of 1977, to perform Slogan, which consisted of hanging a red banner between two trees. Their goal was to leave it there, for wanderers to pass it by or see from afar. Without being able to determine what it said exactly, where the object came from, what was written on it and why, the banner created a brief moment of confusion.


The sentence written on the banner was an excerpt from the book Nothing Happens, by Andrei Monastyrski, a member of Collective Actions. According to the most popular English translation of the phrase, its meaning is “I DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING AND I ALMOST LIKE IT HERE, ALTHOUGH I HAVE NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE AND KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE”. However, according to translator Miquel Cabal i Guarro, there is a subtle mistake in that version. On the original text it is not written that “I DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING AND I ALMOST LIKE IT HERE, (…)” but “I DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS FINE, (…)”.


Following the English translation, the banner of Giving A Space To Confusion features the following sentence (if we haven’t made any mistake): “I DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING AND I ALMOST LIKE THIS TEXT, ALTHOUGH I HAVE NEVER READ THESE WORDS BEFORE AND KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEIR MEANING”. Showing it in a context where the majority of the population can’t read Russian and within the light of the current political situation, recalls the intention of Collective Actions’s when the banner was hung in the 1970s. Although Giving A Space To Confusion was created before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the perception of it has always been that of a suspicious element of political propaganda. This comes more from the typography, visual aesthetics and the Cyrillic alphabet of the banner than from the meaning of the text itself.


Giving A Space To Confusion was the recipient of the 2021’s edition of BECAUSE OF MANY SUNS, the CollezioneTaurisano Acquisition Award x Art-o-rama Marseille. After the acquisition, the work was subsequently donated to the Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and it is now part of its collection.

Anna Dot


Anna Dot’s projects focus on translation and communication processes, paying special attention to the processes of reading and writing as well as digital technologies. She often uses tools that explore texts as if it was a cumulative technology. Her practice is not restricted to one technique or material. Instead, it adapts to the conceptual particularities of the process, which is usually motivated by an initial question that she attempts to explore by means of the artistic practice.



Sveva and Francesco Taurisano at Alessandro Albanese Gallery with works by Asher Liftin. ©Valentina Vitali

Anna Dot, Giving A Space To Confusion (2017), installation view, Bombon Projects, Barcelona, Art-o-rama 2021. Courtesy of the artist and Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. ©Margot Montigny

Anna Dot