:BARIL, Cluj Napoca

For ART-O-RAMA 2015 Romanian gallery :Baril will show pieces by five young artists: Sasha Auerbakh, Arantxa Etcheverria, Mihai Iepure-Gorski, Sorin Neamtu and Maxim Liulca.

Arantxa Etcheverria, Maxim Liulca and Sorin Neamtu are questioning throughout their work the painting as a medium. The questions what to paint?, how to paint? or why to paint? are the fluid (and fuel) for each one artistic approach. Rather than looking for a specific answer, the questions engines their works, inside or outside of the classical painting frame.

Mihai Iepure Gorski, working conceptual, has the same way of questioning art or the art scene, but using words, treating the exhibition space sometimes as a playground for dices, or simply as a place where words produce their own meaning, being converted into objects.

Sasha Auerbakh closes the circle in the same poetical atmosphere, questioning the exhibition itself, the space where art exists through the eyes of the visitor.