alexander levy, Berlin

Colin Snapp

The gallery alexander levy is pleased to present during ART-O-RAMA 2019 with recent works by Colin Snapp. He deals with the subject of tourism as a crucial phenomenon of today’s mobile world society.


For the ND Studies series, Colin Snapp captured the images with a disposable device on which it was installed in a glass filter, before being printed in large format. The ND Studies point to the more banal aspect of pre-packaged tours as the in-between zones, images of commemorative plaques, environmental vandalism or viewing platforms. By using lens filters, traditionally used in film production to filter and control the light situation, Snapp’s pictures become observational artifacts, and remind us of the stereotypical filter applied on Instagram or social network shots.


The photographs from the series Observatory evoke an other-worldly atmosphere. The majority of the pictures shows telescopes and people taking photos with their smartphones. While people take on cyborg-like features through the elongation of their limbs by electronic devices, the mechanical viewing equipment develops an autonomous life and a certain personality. The images demonstrate how humanity, nature, and technology are increasingly merging.


Setra 215 will also be included in the booth. Reminiscent of a Minimal Art work, this large scale sculpture consists of a row of charter bus windows salvaged directly from a modern bus.


In addition, the video Panorama will be presented on a screen. Panorama speaks most clearly to the themes of a disconnected experience in nature. A single-channel video of 37 minutes, the work examines tourists entering and passing through the recognizable Pacific North-West wildlife of America’s national parks.