ADN Galeria, Barcelona

María María Acha-Kutscher, Carlos Aires, Margaret Harrison, Carlos Pazos, Marinella Senatore

ADN Galeria proposes a journey through a group of collages, linking images found objects. From the early
collages by Robert Filliou in the late 60s to the recent Photocollages by María María Acha Kutscher , there are
works by Carlos Pazos , Erik Dietman , Henri Chopin , Erró , George Brecht , Marinella Senatore , Hessie , Carlos Aires and Margaret Harrison . The works by Carlos Aires and Marinella Senatore bear testimony to the current good health and formal evolution of collage as a manipulative weapon in regulatory devices, while the works by the iconic artists that belonged to Fluxus movement break down the limits of lineal discourse by proposing an ironic combination of found objects, music and text.

The proposition shows how there is a connection between all these artists although they used different procedures: first cutting newspapers and magazines and attaching them to the paper and canvas, but then
evolving to a next phase making photomontages in an attempt to produce another dimension of the image and
also a stronger impact on the viewer. The artist moves beyond anecdotal to appeal to our own experiences.
Like Carlos Pazos’s collages, the pieces by Hessie or Henri Chopin are souvenirs, a fleeting feeling that
remained trapped.

It shows how all of them work with a rigorous and early research on mass media’s power. The artist works with collage as a defensive tool by manipulating the normative statements through its formal and conceptual reorganization. And always adopting a certain punk attitude. ADN Galeria here shows the collage still being the best media to face the political and social conflicts that define the present days. It reports the militarization and violence in society and the authoritarian regime that power spreads.



Carlos Aires

Desastre CLXI (2019)
Mixed media collage, 25 x 33 x 3,5 cm

Carlos Aires

Desastre X (2019)
Mixed media collage, 25 x 33 x 3,5 cm

Margaret Harrison

These Boots Are Made For Walking (2013)
Mixed media collage

Marinella Senatore

Freedom (2021)
Mixed media collage, 70 x 50 cm

Marinella Senatore

Speak easy 2 (2017)
Mixed media collage, 50 x 70 cm