31 Project, Paris

Hélène Jayet, Georgina Maxim, Charlotte Yonga

31 Project presents a selection of works by Georgina Maxim, Hélène Jayet and Charlotte Yonga, three female artists whose use of line, sewn thread and photographic gesture are employed as new forms of writing. Their work tells collective stories and personal memories, creating a new narrative.

31 Project underlines the similarity between the works of Hélène Jayet and Charlotte Yonga. Two artists who began their career as photographers and who have developed a simultaneous practice of drawing, – a transposition of the mechanical gesture that becomes a trace on paper.

Hélène Jayet, a militant photographer, questions the « construction of the image « and uses the pixel as a primary and repetitive motif in her drawing. She works with this language to fragment images and recompose them manually, pixel by pixel, thus stretching the process of creation and revelation. Her work – with a choice of two large works on paper, around which small format modules by the artist will be hung in a satellite way – will be put in relation with the one of Charlotte Yonga.

Charlotte Yonga, a photographer of the intimacy, has developed an important and still rarely shown work of drawing. The series of drawings in her notebook are a deeply personal testimony to her bipolarity, an illness she has lived with for many years. Photographs and drawings will be mixed together, hung on the walls or placed on a central rectangular module. They will plunge visitors into a dramatic scenario. The exhibition will play on the different scales between larger photographic works and smaller drawings.

Finally, the textiles of Georgina Maxim will be part of the stand as a common thread between the three artists. Using embroidery, sewing and weaving techniques, Georgina Maxim creates unique works. The second-hand female clothes that compose her works are torn into hundreds of strips, then reassembled and sewn by hand, creating textile pieces whose reliefs are akin to a mental and memorial geography. Two works will be hung on the wall, adding structure and texture to the overall presentation of the stand.

Georgina Maxim’s work will create a graphic link between each of the artists and will bring a plasticity to the whole. Her work will resonate with themes such as «care», intimacy and madness as in Charlotte Yonga’s work and the question of memory as in Hélène Jayet’s.




Georgina Maxim

Take the broom and start sweeping the place (2021)
Textile, mixed media, 150 x 93 cm

Georgina Maxim

Ane mweya wemadzinza (She has a family curse) (2020)
Textile and mixed media, 195 x 150 cm

Charlotte Yonga

Anais dans le champ en jachère, Saint-Félix-Lauragais (2021)
Pigment print on Canson® Infinity Platinum Fibre Rag paper, 80 x 65 cm

Charlotte Yonga

Charles dans la chambre d’ami, Abbaye de St Liguaire, Niort (2021)
Pigment print on Canson® Infinity Platinum Fibre Rag paper, 80 x 65 cm

Helene Jayet

Cereus giganteus also known as Carnegia gigantea - Sonoran Desert - Cereus - Tucson Mountains - Arizona - USA (2019)
Black and grey acrylic ink, 75 x 120 cm