Each year, ART-O-RAMA offers large visibility to graduates from the Fine Arts Schools of the region SUD, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA).
Since the very first edition, ART-O-RAMA has been committed to the support and awareness of those emerging artists by enabling them to confront their work to professionals (galleries, collectors, critics) coming from all over the world.

The sections Show Room (selection of 4 artists graduated from Arts Schools of the Region) and  Prix Région SUD, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (laureate of last year’s Show Room) often constitutes their first ever experience in an international commercial event.
The Region SUD Prize consists of exhibition space in ART-O-RAMA, a 2000 € production grant, a catalog and a 2-month residency at Moly-Sabata / Fondation Albert Gleizes.

Moreover, the FCAC (Communal Contemporary Art Fund) engages each year to purchase work from one artist of the Show Room section.


Show room selection has been made by Furiosa, a duo of curators, composed by Arlène Berceliot Courtin (1982 – FR) and Thibault Vanco (1983 – MC), initiated during a curatorial residency in Cripta 747 in Turin, and based in Monte-Carlo, Monaco since 2018.

Its main vocation is curating exhibitions, but also managing the production, publishing and publication of artists’ works in order to develop an analytical and critical reflective approach to various modalities and contexts for the dissemination and reception of art within the Principality and internationally.

Its previous projects have taken place in Monaco as part of the Art Monte-Carlo program (April 2018), in Adrien Vescovi’s studio in Marseille (August, 2018), at the Monaco Yacht Show (September 2018), and on the occasion of the third edition of DAMA in the heart of Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana, Turin (November 2018).


Show room 2019

Guest artist 2019

Jonathan Vidal

Jonathan Vidal’s latest works are an enquiry into the relationships between human beings and technology, where the history of the robotic faces labour issues rooted in the master—slavers capitalist dynamic. Employed to supersede humans at work, robots have been designed to retain human features such as the voice or skeleton. By looking at the robotic industry’s history of tests and failures, Vidal’s works raise ethical questions about the treatment of machines. At the same time, by means of traditional artistic media, he questions the very future of the artist’s manual labour in a world driven by digital technology.


On the occasion of ART-O-RAMA, publication of the book “to try to speak no lies”, edition Fræme, collection ART-O-RAMA, 2019.


Head of publication and design
Maud Chavaillon


Christophe Kihm
Charlotte Cosson & Emmanuelle Luciani


13 x 24 cm – 72 pages – 500 copies
Edition : Fræme / collection Art-o-rama
Price : 10 euros


Previous laureates editions

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  • 2013 Yann Gerstberger
  • 2012 Caroline Duchatelet
  • 2011 Sandro Della Noce
  • 2010 Pascal Martinez
  • 2009 Émilie Perotto
  • 2008 Julien Bouillon
  • 2007 Arnaud Maguet et Olivier Millagou

Jonathan Vidal, lauréat 2018 du Prix Show Room Art-O-Rama/Résidence Moly-Sabata


Jonathan Vidal, To Try to Speak no Lies, Fræme edition, collection ART-O-RAMA, 2019