Region Sud Prize

Since its beginnings, Art-o-rama has been committed to participating in the professionalization of young artists and allows them to encounter different actors of the art world – curators, gallery owners, critics, collectors…


Each year with the Région Sud Prize, Art-o-rama offers visibility to the young creation from Art Schools of the Région Sud, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. The Show-room section highlights the work of 4 artists selected by a curator. The curator accompanies them in their exhibition project, produces a critical text and introduces the artists to the gallery owners and publishers participating in the fair, who will then be invited to vote for the winner of the Région Sud Prize of the year. The following year, this artist will benefit from an exhibition space in the main section of Art-o-rama following a two-months residency within the Moly-Sabata / Albert Gleizes Foundation. The artist will be the recipient of a 2000€ production grant and a catalog will be published. This year the guest artist is Flore Saunois.

In 2022 the Show-room artists are benefitting from the new residency program created by a regional network of art centers and venues from the Région in 2021. The 3 non-winning artists will each partake in one of the following residencies: Centre d’Arts Plastiques Fernand Léger de Port-de-Bouc, Centre d’Art Contemporain de Châteauvert et Voyons-Voir, art contemporain & territoire. The FCAC (Fonds Communal d’Art Contemporain de la Ville de Marseille) is also committed to acquire each year at least one work by an artist from the Show-room.


The Région Sud Prize often stands as a first experience for artists in a commercial environment of international scope and allows the galleries participating in Art-o-rama to discover artists who were formed in our region.


HaYoung – 2023 guest artist

Welcome to DATA PERFUME, we use cookies to improve your experience on the website. To learn how to manage your settings, please see our Cookie Policy. By continuing to use the website, you consent to our use of cookies. Click accept and scroll!

DATA PERFUME is a project (in progress) started in 2021, by the artist Hayoung through which they appropriates cookies as the raw material of the work. Small files deposited on the hard drive or the browser of our devices when consulting certain websites, cookies are techno-traces of our daily wanderings on the Internet.

As part of the Art-o-rama fair, DATA PERFUME is both the three-dimensional translation into sculpture of a window that arises when we attempt to enter a website and a showcase that plays the role of teaser announcing the project itself: a teaser. By taking the gesture of big commercial corporations who collect and use our cookies to facilitate our future interactions thus increase the performance of their site, and also to refine their marketing approach, Hayoung collects cookies from people and translates them into perfume. Inviting us to think about the implication of our actions on the internet. As intangible as they may seem, cookies set us up as (invisible) workers who feed artificial intelligences that come to life here, in the form of smells.

What do you smell like on the Internet?

The linguistics associated with smells still remains a poor, limited and unstable field. As with colors or sounds, there are no names specific to olfactory experiences without having to refer to something else. And even their classification remains an enigma, as shown by P. Vroon et al. (1996: 23), cited by M. Plümacher and P. Holz (2007: 8), who point out that “There is no linear proportional relation between strength of olfactory stimuli and intensity of perception”. (1) Despite the difficulty of being able to classify them according to their properties, they remain cultural facts:

“Smells can also “draw boundaries, qualify certain spaces and tell us about the activity and identity of a place” and I would add, of a person.

They nourish the representations of racial, social and professional or national divisions and can contribute to discrimination between groups who think or perceive themselves as olfactory different, a convenient way of naturalizing otherness. (2)

This characteristic of the smell, of its participation in the naturalization of otherness, is countered in Data Perfume, by the movement of translation of virtual data to the olfactory experience without the objective of smelling good. Smell becomes a lingua franca representing users, their intentions behind clicks and scrolls. In this sense, new categories that transcend the strict boundaries of race, gender, sexuality, or social, professional or national boundaries, are being created.

For this presentation, Hayoung translated the cookies of three people including them, their mother Yukyung Kim and a sex worker(3). Three people with singular statuses, with different daily habits presented through three bottles, one of the perfumes of which will be diffused in the space.


Would you like to know what you smell like on the Internet? Click Accept!


Text by Aude Christel Mgba, 2022 Curator




Juliette Desorgues – 2023 curator

Juliette Desorgues is a curator and writer. She has worked as Curator at MOSTYN, Wales and as Associate Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. She has also held curatorial positions at the Barbican Art Gallery, London and Generali Foundation, Vienna. She studied at the University of Edinburgh, the University of Vienna and University College London.



Previous guest artists

2022 Flore Saunois

2021 mountaincutters

2019 Jonathan Vidal
2018 Delphine Wibaux
2017 Sabrina Belouaar
2016 Rafaela Lopez
2015 Vincent Ceraudo
2014 Sergio Verastegui
2013 Yann Gerstberger
2012 Caroline Duchatelet
2011 Sandro Della Noce
2010 Pascal Martinez
2009 Émilie Perotto
2008 Julien Bouillon
2007 Arnaud Maguet et Olivier Millagou


Région Sud Design Prize

In the continuity of the Région Sud Art Prize, Art-o-rama implemented in 2022 the Région Sud Design Prize which highlights young designers of the region and participates in their professionalization.
The Prix Région Sud Design is aimed at designers who have graduated within the last 5 years and who have completed part of their studies in the Southern Region, Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur. Designers will be selected by a curator to be shown in a dedicated space during Art-o-rama.

The winner will be selected by a jury of professionals during Art-o-rama and will benefit from a 2000€ production grant, an exhibition space during the next edition of the fair, a collaboration with Villa Noailles and a collaboration with the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles.


The laureate of the Région Sud Design Prize 2022 is Maxime Douillet, graduated from les Beaux Arts de Marseille.


In order to apply please send before January 31 2023 by email to, with “Application Région Sud Design Prize” as email subject, a pdf file with a maximum of 15 pages including:
– a biography
– a presentation of your work
– captioned images



Maxime Douillet – 2023 guest designer

Maxime Douillet brings a little spark of life to objects that are usually inert. He creates movements and thus, makes our interiors gain volume, transmits an idea or hides our secrets. He wants the response of his objects to be soft and discreet, but he wants them to respond. This is why he designs and manufactures mechanical furnitures. He relies on a technical training with the journeymen, on university studies, in wood science and furniture, in mechanical drawing and lately, in design.


A mobile office for a photo workshop. A work surface, a scanner and a computer, hosting students and teachers. Some of the functions can be discovered with use. Some aspects are for those who pay attention. Once drawn, the desk expressed itself. In Morse code it makes the link between analog and digital, between silver photography and electronic. Maybe in a sense, it wants to express that today’s technologies can enrich yesterday’s ones. And we know it works also in the other sense.


Nathalie Dewez – 2023 curator

A 2001 graduate of La Cambre Arts Visuels in Brussels, Nathalie’s design reflects a passion for sculptural forms and quality craftsmanship.

Sensitive to the material/imaterial duality that characterizes these products, she began by developing numerous lighting fixtures and always remains attentive to the function and quality of light as well as to the plastic presence of the object when it is turned off.

Her work, characterized by a rigorous economy of means and a minimum of easily implemented material components, now ranges from small objects to monumental installations, from single pieces to industrial products.

She designs lighting fixtures, but also objects, furniture or more sculptural pieces and also acts as a lighting consultant.

In 2011 she received the Design Prize of the Pierre Bergé Foundation and the same year was elected Belgian Designer of the Year, some of her iconic pieces will join the best collections (CNAP, …) and will be rewarded.

The presence of Nathalie Dewez at numerous fairs and exhibitions has enabled her to establish collaborations with numerous architectural offices and publishers such as Ligne Roset (F), Vervloet (Be), Hermès (F), Habitat (GB), De Castelli (IT),…



HaYoung, Laureate Région Sud Prize Art-o-rama 2022 © Maud Chavaillon

Juliette Desorgues © Rob Kulisek

Le Bureau d' by Maxime Douillet © Olivier Sola

Nathalie Dewez © P. Mathieu