Liquid Futures

Curated by Klima (Loucia Carlier and Antonine Scali Ringwald)

Screening at the Grand Plateau, Sunday, August 28, 2 pm – 5 pm

With Rosa Barba, Jason Hendrik Hansma, Joey Holder, Zoë Marden, Josèfa Ntjam, Laure Prouvost, Mayara Yamada

Free access


Launch of the 5th issue of Klima magazine

With Loucia Carlier and Antonine Scali Ringwald

Tour Jobin, 3rd floor, Sunday, August 28, 6 pm – 7:30 pm



Liquid Futures


Laure Prouvost, They Parlaient Idéale, 2019

Rosa Barba, Outwardly from Earth’s Center, 2007

Mayara Yamada, Caudalosa, 2016-2019

Jason Hendrik Hansma, In Our Real Life (Waves), 2018-2021

Zoë Marden, Becoming Creature, 2022

Josèfa Ntjam, Myceaqua Vitae, 2020

Joey Holder, Abyssal Seeker, 2021


Liquid Futures, 5th issue


This issue rhizomatically approaches the aquatic universe, exploring this space of permanent composting, this ambivalent environment that dissolves as much as it metabolizes. The aim here is to explore the various living and non-living, ghostly, invented or tangible entities lying in the seas and oceans, as well as the myths and fantasies stemming from them. From the abyssal depths to cetacean communication, from the myth of Drexciya to hydrofeminism, the sea infiltrates this issue and spreads through the images, stories, and research of our various contributors.


With :

Astrida Neimanis, ASMA, Bianca Bondi, Bronwyn Bailey Charteris, chaos clay, Daniela Fernández Rodríguez, Dimitri de Preux, Dominique White, Janna Holmstedt, Anne-Sarah Huet, Lou Masduraud, Lucas Erin & Anouk Chambaz, Matthias Garcia, Mayara Yamada, Oscar Tuazon & Los Angeles Water School, Qanat, Stefanie Hessler, Julie Robiolle, Valentine Étiévant, Tristan Savoy, Rose Vidal, Predoctoral group ZHDK.




Klima is a magazine that aims to bring together researchers and artists around a theme specific to each issue. Klima intends to inscribe itself in the current cultural climate by questioning its stakes and its new forms of utopias, by taking art and research as spaces of deliberation of the contemporary itself.

Loucia Carlier


Loucia Carlier is an artist and editor based in Paris. She graduated in 2017 with a master’s degree in visual arts at the École cantonale d’art de Lausanne. She approaches the universe of feminist science fiction through different printing techniques, sculptures and installations. Her work is regularly shown between Switzerland and France (Art:Concept, High art, Forde, Centre d’art contemporain de Genève, Emerige, Le musée des Beaux Arts de Lausanne…). She is also the co-founder of the art and research magazine Klima since 2018 of which she directs the art part and co-produces the exhibitions that emerge from it.


Antonine Scali Ringwald


Antonine Scali Ringwald is an editor, a curator and an independent researcher based in Paris. She holds degrees in art history and sociology from the Sorbonne and the EHESS. In 2018, she founded the magazine Klima, dedicated to the entanglement of contemporary art and academic research. She oversees the editorial content, with which she organises exhibitions. She recently attended the post-master “Collective Practices: Symbiotic organisations”, at the Royal Institute of Stockholm, where her research focused on listening to marine worlds.


Klima Magazine

Picture from the film by Mayara Yamada, O que vênus o que nos olha, 2019-2020. Courtesy of Mayara Yamada