More Projects, Paris

Davide Bertocchi et Sergio Verastegui


More Projects presents Toomanyrecordss, a proposal by Davide Bertocchi and Sergio Verastegui.


Toomanyrecordss is a potentially expansive invitation, a scalable project.


Davide Bertocchi and Sergio Verastegui invite artists to play on 33 rpm records they choose and send them by mail. It is a « carte blanche » to create a work with / or on the cover or on the vinyl (or both). Records of various and varied origins, sometimes chosen according to the musical tastes of the two artists

“Curators” of the project, sometimes because one or more elements in the cover appeal to an imaginary close to the invited artist.

Each vinyl becomes a “unique” piece, designed by the guest artist but from the invitation of Davide Bertocchi and Sergio Verastegui. This invitation takes a plastic form and the collaborative process generates a new object, consummable (or not), a hybrid work, always from the format vinyl / cover.

A list of artists (33 to start the project with Art-O-Rama) generates a record collection, a disco, listenable, but whose interest lies not only in listening.

Vinyl became a fetishistic form in our social relationship to music, it was supposed to disappear, then it was reintroduced into the market in a desire to restore a “more authentic” listening. The retro game and the relationship to the past in the contemporary world (the future is necessarily retro), are activated by a growing consumption of vinyl records, at the same time old and postmodern, floating, in an industry governed by the digital technology. Between fashion and rigorous music, the return to analog reveals the imaged appearance of music, opening the door to plastic possibilities hidden in a fetishist relationship to culture, touching the reappropriation, collage, sampling, republishing , mixing, etc. So many words in a vocabulary of perpetual recycling of forms, eliminating the hierarchy between present, past and future.

Toomanyrecordss is also a pretext for collaboration and dialogue in an international network of artists, from a simple, standard, and uninhibited form, allowing experimentation and fluidity.

The project will also be on the Internet in the Discogs platform, a platform for the sale and resale of vinyl records, where each piece will be exposed virtually and simultaneously to the sale, like rarities.


Hot Wheels Projects, Athens


Hot Wheels Projects (F. October 2017) is an Athens, Greece based project space founded in a classical Athenian townhouse on the historic avenue of Patission. Hot Wheels Projects provides space for a new generation of Greek and Cypriot practitioners alongside international practitioners. Seeking to engage with the local community. We aim to provide a space for experimentation, collaboration, and critical development. 

Upcoming exhibition: (a) Collaboration, Nicholas Cheveldave & Sebastian Lloyd Rees. Recent exhibitions include: BASE BASE etc. by ­Jesper List Thomsen, Belly Ache by Anastasia Pavlou, Realistic Art by Stephen Aldahl, At The Foyer of Purgatory by Matile Cerruti Quara, When the Sun Goes Up: Bar Stories in 3 Acts by Vasilis Papageorgiou, Sunny Day by Yeson Art Centre x Gerasimos Floratos.

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Installation view, When the Sun Goes Up: Bar Stories in 3 Acts, Vasilis Papageorgiou, Hot Wheels Projects. Image courtesy of Hot Wheels Projects.