We do not work alone, Paris

“Suddenly This Overview”
We do not work alone’s project for ART-O-RAMA 2018 takes into account the identity of the J1, ART-O-RAMA’s new setting, and stages the gallery’s editions in the evocation of a domestic space with a sea view. Materialized by an in-situ intervention by Florentine and Alexandre Lamarche-Ovize, consisting of a ceramic credenza and a silkscreen tapestry, the wall and its variable heights become a kitchen and bathroom space, a stripped down evocation of domesticity, leading the eye to the sea beyond.

The spectator embraces this overview through a transparent shower curtain by Clément Rodzielski, or glances over a ceramic credenza and a countertop supporting a mug by Claude Closky, dishes by Matthieu Cossé, a candelabra by Lamarche-Ovize, nearby a kitchen apron by Marc Camille Chaimowicz. On a bench are laid a series of wool chair-mats by Ulla von Brandenburg, Seulgi Lee, Camila Oliveira Fairclough, and Elvire Bonduelle.




Benoît Maire

Claire Israel

Solid oak, brass mecanism and hinges
Size : 115 x 46 x 13 cm
Courtesy We do not work alone, Paris

Annette Messager

Claire Israël

Measuring tape, UV print on plastic case
5,3 x 5,3 cm
Length : 3 m
Courtesy : We do not work alone, Paris