VNH Gallery, Paris

Bianca Bondi

VNH Gallery presents a solo project by Bianca Bondi (b.1986, in RSA), who will be shown for the first time at the gallery in Autumn 2019.

Through her practice, Bianca Bondi experiments with raw materials and examines what intrinsic properties, or “energy”, by diverse cultures they are said to possess. She is curious how these beliefs translate and interact with contemporary life and how she can convey the essence of her research on a molecular level, therefore, resulting in pluridisciplinary works of a transformative nature.


The works shown were specially created for the fair and produced or at least finalized in situ as part of the fairʼs residency program.

Bianca Bondi presents a set of new sculptures as a continuation of the “Stir” series, on the walls, as well as two site-specific installations that are comprised of copper and glass tubing, living plants and evolving chemical reactions. The “stir” series, as well as the proposed installations, are inspired by current trends in new age healing as well as the evolution of contemporary medicine to elevate the consumption of superfoods and the treating of psychology through diet. They borrow not only the vocabulary – Adaptogens, ashwagandha, microbiome, spirulina – evoking curiosity, conversation but also propose these exotic elements as new tools in an art-making.

Conceptually for their “anti-oxidation” properties which are a term highly relevant to the evolution of the artist’s practice but also as their use on a purely aesthetic level aka as unstable therefore transformative pigments.