Triple V, Dijon

Triple V is a contemporary art gallery based in Dijon since November 2007. It is also a company that organizes exhibitions – “The Freak Show” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon and Hôtel de la Monnaie in Paris (2007-2008), and “N’importe quoi” (MAC Lyon, 2009). It publishes art editions (Monographs on Pierre Vadi, Delphine Reist, Blair Thurman are in progress). Basically, Triple V is interested in every activity related to contemporary art.

In the frame of ART-O-RAMA 2010, Triple V will present a group show which formal rigour (some would say which “Formalism”) would have gone wrong. This rigour will be represented, among other pieces, by Emmanuelle Lainé’s dented primary structure, a hard-edge neon by Blair Thurman – both contrasting with this “formalist” scheme – along with facsimiles of damaged graph paper by Pierre Ravelle-Chapuis and Michael Scott’s drawings upon the decay of our industrial world.