Torri, Paris

For its first participation to ART-O-RAMA, Torri gallery presents Florian Pugnaire and David Raffini. These young artists whose collaborative pieces centre on the use of industrial materials and their transformations have come up with another process-based project. In the frame of the fair only the first part of this new accelerated transformation protocol, they decided to explore, will be presented to the public: mirror polished stainless steel sheets will be gathered and immerged inside a coffin filled with acid water; Their oxidation coffin engraved with the protocol of this new art piece. The second part will remain hypothetical and constituted by the immersion and the restitution of the sheets after corrosion.

Next to this ongoing project, both artists will present pieces of their own: A film by Florian Pugnaire presents spaces filled with various materials which, in a chain reaction, come to disintegrate inside the white cube that hosts the process. This film will be presented next to the remains of the transformation. In his film Amnesia David Raffini shows the explosion of a series of sheet steel. Being very much interested in the notions of landscape, the traces of this explosion –consisting of deformed, blackened, and varnished sheets – will be presented in an horizontal hanging, like “paintings”.