Théophylle Dcx, guest artist 2024

Théophylle Dcx’s artistic practice blends poetic writing, performance and video. Through these mediums, he explores and stages his different social and political coordinates as a young queer, an HIV-positive person, a sex worker, an artist and a partygoer with a passion for music, dance and clubbing. Affectivity, love and desire play an important role in the narratives he deploys – in his blogging videos as in his public performances. The power of collective celebration, the connection to others, the force of words, the possibilities and limits of the body are all subjects that run through the devices, always situated, that he presents to the public. Often collaborative, his projects include friends, artists, activists and authors with whom he feels a sense of community. His work treats the body as an archive and an embodied political gesture, on which appear the ebb and flow of history, the stakes of social struggles and the need for emancipation from contemporary normative regimes.


Written by Thomas Conchou, Director, Centre d’Art Contemporain La Ferme du Buisson



Théophylle Dcx graduated from the Villa Arson with honors in 2022, and hails from the Stéphanoise countryside.


He was a resident at Artagon Marseille in 2021-2022, and also at Maison Artagon in Loir et Cher.


In recent years, his texts and performances have been programmed at the Snap Festival in Brussels, the Fri Art Kunsthalle in Fribourg and the Forde art center in Geneva.


In early 2023, he will take part in the group exhibition La Relève in Marseille, as part of the Parallèle festival curated by Arlène Berceliot Courtin. In March, he will be exhibiting at CAC La Ferme du Buisson, curated by Thomas Conchou, and will also be one of the artists taking part in the 100% exhibition at La Villette in April.


His book Rose2Rage is due to be published by Burn-Août in 2023, as well as a text for the American magazine Animal Shelter, published by Semiotext(e).


Written by Soizic Pineau, journalist for Manifesto XXI



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