The Green Parrot (Non-Profit Guest Project), Barcelona

For their participation in ART-O-RAMA 2016 as Non-Profit Guest Project, Barcelona-based collective The Green Parrot will present a duo show with David Bestué and June Crespo thought around the foundations and concepts of contemporary sculpture.

David Bestué is an artist and architecture critic currently living in Barcelona. He is interested in the relationship between text, sculpture and architecture. His practice experiments with ideas taken from poetry, art history and architecture, testing out how far they can be pushed both literally and conceptually. By making small changes to public and domestic scenarios, his works create absurd situations that question our conventions of behavior, and seek to establish temporary, fragile links between permanent forms and the presence of transient elements, both human and inanimate in the space.

June Crespo lives and works in Bilbao and Amsterdam. She is currently resident at De Ateliers (Amsterdam). She is undoubtedly part of a post-digital generation and also formed by the strong sculptural influence of the Bask Country. She acts like an editor assembling new and already used work or materials, inverting positives and negatives, code and wood, noun and pronoun, work through timely questions that conflate medium and message, representation and appearance.