Tatjana Pieters, Ghent

For ART-O-RAMA, Tatjana Pieters gallery is happy to present a dialogue between two young Belgian artists: sculptor Rein Dufait (1990) and Vienna based painter Stefanie De Vos (1984). The small sculptures by Dufait will be presented on industrial cupboards, creating a compact presentation of sculptures that interrelate while forming a counterpart against the monumental paintings by De Vos. The presentation is adjusted according to the space assigned, long and open.

Rein Dufait transforms found objects & materials into a new form. In his earlier body of work he often modified handcraft objects by changing them or casting them in concrete. In his recent works Dufait turns to the core of natural materials, like wood, fire, paper, chalk, from which new sculptures originate. The artist will show a selection of sculptures from different periods, giving an insight into the development of this young, but already distinguished.

The paintings by Stefanie De Vos originate from the memory of landscapes combined with collages from both her personal history and the history of painting. The action of painting is driven by a search for a balance between the movement captured within the body and the more calculated reactions, between known structures and the longing for absolute freedom. Graphic elements and painterly surfaces interfere with each other to reach a multilayered painting in which the movement of the eye is ‘ad infinitum’.There is an analogy with music through the use of rhythm, counterpoint and repetitive motifs. The movement goes beyond marked passages and does not seem to reach an end.