Super Window Project, Kyoto

For its second participation to ART-O-RAMA, Super Window Project will present a group show gathering recent pieces by five of the gallery’s artists : Soshi Matsunobe (Japon, 1988), Sandrine Pelletier (Switzerland, 1976), Aurélie Pétrel (France, 1981), Morgane Tschiember (France, 1976), and LG Williams / Estate of LG Williams (USA, 1965).

The idea, the line, the form, the presence, the absence.

Five pieces intrinsically reminiscent of the idea of disappearance. Disappearance of the work, disappearance of the form, the blueprint, the trace, the evocation. The works chosen from the artists’ recent body of work nourish the dialogue about the nature of the works themselves, from production and diffusion to curatorial and display processes, that the gallery has sought to challenge since its inception. Contextually, it is as purposefully important to create a global identity and an aesthetic consistency as it is to validate apparently heterogeneous directions of visual and conceptual research. Altogether they compose through contamination, shifting, translation, analogy and opposition a mental loop, a labyrinthine digression and logical formula. The booth itself, structured as an autonomous object, borrows from a spiral pattern to create perspective association and dissimulation games.

A sixth piece, I Can See The Whole Room ! And There’s No Art In It ! by LG Williams, a direct reference to recent history of art and a portrait of the artist himself as a viewer, radicalizes and ironically seals the apparatus.